really sucks working with so many people you know and not seeing ANY of them :/ the only people that want to spend lunch/breaks with me are guys who want to go on dates and I can’t believe the amount of drama that’s already been stirred up with people I don’t even know.


also sucks that Joey graduated his class already and I won’t see him on breaks anymore cause he comes in later. That was like my only friend friend 3:

i wish people would have the same amount of interest in me to be just friends as they do when they want to hook up.

Drugs I’m taking:

  • azithhromycin
  • methylprednisolone
  • fluticasone propionate/ salmeterol
  • albuterol sulfate


first day was up to 8 pills. That was a weeeeeeeeeird day. Couldn’t sleep cause the steroids made my heart pump super fast even though I was just laying down and I could hear it in my head. Then it was weird in class cause one made me drowsy so I was like limp but yet my heart was racing at the same time. Strange.